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Hushh Helps Baby Fall Asleep – and Stay Asleep – Anywhere.

A white noise machine is a powerful tool in your infant's sleep routine and helps baby fall asleep fast and minimizes sleep disruption from the outside world. It creates a constant, soothing sound that helps lull your baby to sleep by mimicking the sound of the womb. Once baby is asleep, white noise works throughout nighttime or naptime to drown out the random noises that would have disrupted their precious sleep. The Hushh’s baby-friendly features like a soft LED nightlight, flexible clip and child-safe locks have made it a parenting must-have and popular registry item. With Hushh, we've made white noise even more convenient -- so you can take a familiar and comforting sleep sound with you wherever you go! Please note: This sound machine is intended for portable use and must be turned off and unplugged every 14 days. If not turned off and unplugged, the unit may freeze or experience impacts to performance.

Yogasleep Hushh Portable Baby Sound Machine

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