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Our Story

   Charles Marie Harwell knows from experience how important the next generation is, and the one after that, and so forth. Originally a dressmaker and alteration expert, she opened the shop in 1970 to sell her own line of handmade dolls. From there she expanded to girls' dresses along with baby furniture. Shortly after, toys arrived on the shelves of her small business.

   Now she runs the shop along with several close-knit women who have since become long time friends. They sell a plethora of unique gifts and accessories for both girls and their mothers.

The canary-yellow shop offers many unique and hard to find items such as preemie outfits for infants as small as one pound, special occasion dresses for girls up to size 16, as well as baptismal and christening gowns. Plush toys and cute rocking horses by brands such as, Ganz ,Cuddle Barn, and Russ are also found in store.

   Charles Marie's for Grandmothers is continuing to grow and expand as the times move forward. We have opened this online store in hopes to make a fast, more convinient way to shop and even have birthday gifts wrapped and delivered right to your grandchildren's doorstep. We are proud to have you as a customer and most importantly, as a friend. We hope you continue to support us as we all move forward together. Thank you.

Love, Charles Marie.

Our collections are all made with love by independent designers
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