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Your Uplifting Maternity Belt

Stay supported with Ease Maternity Belt

Your exciting motherhood adventure begins with pregnancy. Your little one moves, nudges, and kicks while your body evolves along with the hormonal, emotional, and physical changes. Your little one is thriving. However, carrying the weight can be a challenge. That is why we created KeaBabies Ease Maternity Support Belt – to do the heavy lifting with you.

360 Ergonomic Full Support Coverage

Our Maternity Belt lifts your belly perfectly, providing 360° support that helps distribute weight evenly. The belt is designed to give gentle compression around your hips and correct your posture, helping to ease pregnancy pains.

Great Pregnancy Support

*Relieving lower back pain

*Supporting belly and back

*Supporting ligament & pelvic floor

*Stabilizing hips

*Postpartum recovery of pelvic joints

KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt Midnight Black

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