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Size: 15" Adora Doll
Dark skin tone/Brown eyes
Sweet, interactive doll
Open & close eyes
5 touch activated features
Soft, cuddly body & silky black hair
Lifelike baby powder scent
Sweet ADORAble face
Removable clothing
Batteries included
On/off switch enclosed in back pouch
Encourages nurturing interaction
Ages 3 and up
You'll never get enough of this cutie! Cuddle & Coo Baby Cuppy Cake is sure the sweetest interactive doll for your little ones aged 3 and up. Children will giggle in delight playing with this cute 15-inch doll that has silky black curly hair secured in pigtails, charming brown eyes that open and close, and dark skin tone. 

Cuddle & Coo Baby Cuppy Cake is an interactive 15-inch play doll that has 5 ADORAble interactive features. Squeeze her hand & she'll cry, but don't call her a cry baby! A simple pat to her head will make her coo with happiness. Tickle her tummy and she'll start giggling. Give her a kiss on the cheek and she'll kiss back. Pat her head and delight as she calls you "Momma". This Adora play baby doll comes wearing her blue top with delectable cupcake print on the front with matching pink leggings to keep her warm. Cuppy Cake is truly a lifelike doll with her incredible and fun features that will surely ignite the imagination of your little ones 3 years and up!

Adora My Cuddle & Coo Baby Cuppy Cake

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