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Jagger the Plush Black Panther by Douglas

If you're on the prowl for a plush black panther then I have wonderful news. The search is over. Feast your eyes upon Jagger the Plush Black Panther by Douglas! This stuffed black panther has all the makings of a cuddly plush companion constructed to last a lifetime. Measuring a twenty-two inches, this black panther stuffed animal features sleek black plush on the outside and is stuffed with only the finest materials. For quality that you can both see and feel, Jagger the Plush Black Panther by Douglas has no equal. Its realistic features coupled with its soft design offers the perfect combination of fluffy and ferocious. Don't let the black panther appearance fool you though; this plush black panther is soft on the inside (literally and figuratively). When your friends and family see you have a new stuffed black panther, they're going to want one of their own. You might get a few laughs if you leave this black panther stuffed animal somewhere they wouldn't expect. Just imagine the laughs you'd get from a jump-scare like that! You won't have to use your imagination if you order one of your own today. So, what are you waiting for? I think it's clear by now that you and this stuffed black panther were meant to be.

Douglas is a family owned business that has been making heirloom quality stuffed animals and plush toys since 1956. As with all of Douglas' superb stuffed animals, only the finest materials and craftsmanship are used in the construction of this plush black panther. The entire line of Douglas Cuddle Toys, including the Jagger the Plush Black Panther by Douglas, is made with all new, child safe materials, is rigorously tested for quality assurance, and meets or exceeds both the U.S. Government and the voluntary Toy Safety Standards. When you buy a Douglas Cuddle Toy, you can trust that you are buying a first rate plush animal.

Douglas Jagger the Black Panther

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